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The best possible support

is the one you never call as you don't need it. Bibliographix is easy to use. Trial and error will help in most cases. You can't really damage much.

Read the manual

The idea of the manual is, to cover all questions about the applications features. Open the manual pressing F1 on the keyboard or read the online version.

Most questions not covered by the manual regard details how to fit Bibliographix to your working technique which is proven but very personal.

Prepaid support plan

I stole the idea from prepaid cellular phone plans. Using the paypal link below, you can create a support account with 10 minutes or more. While I work on your problem, a 1.67€-per-minute-clock is running.

Frankly, this is not what I'd call an ideal solution, but putting a price tag on my time has significantly reduced traffic like

  • Q: I have just a short question. Can the app be run in a LAN with multiple users?
  • A: Yes it can. How to is described in detail in the manual, page 5.

Bug report

If you observe a bug send an email to

of course there is no 1.67€ clock running then ;)